Activating Call Forward, or Login for another Device

What happen if you leave office without having activated call forward from your device to your mobile , and dont have acces to the panel of FreePBX and no internet connection?

That’s why i’m looking for an elegant way to activate, from my mobile, a call formard for my device or a login of my device into a queue.

I can use Call Flow Control, and activate *280 ( or other) as a destination, that’s a way, but not elegant.

The ideal solution for me could be a destination like *21 ( call forward) + Device to forward + forward destination .

Does anyone have an idea ?

Best regards,


I don’t think there’s a way to set someone else’s Call Forwarding from a telephone keypad at this time.

You could do it in the Voicemail validation if you wanted - log it to “check you voicemail” and enter a code that sets the call forward to your current CID. It would require programming.

You could also write a specific custom context that would do what you’re describing. I wouldn’t be much more code than your description, and you could easily assign it to a “*” code that you could put behind a DISA line (for example).

You could do this:

Program the cell number in FindMe/FollowMe
Create a DISA option (usually best with its own DID)
Train users to use *21 to turn on FM/FM