Activating Announcement & IVR for callers


  • I have added an announcement (a .mp3 file) and connected to an IVR.
  • And added “System Recording” and mapped with an IVR.

But the callers are not able to hear the announcement and the IVR is not active.

Please anyone of you suggest me.

Thank you

Thank you so much. It works fine.

I would like to try :-

I have departments (1) Sales (2) Marketing and created IVR to point out.

Now, I have nearly 10 extensions. I would like to group these extensions into above 2 departments.

When a caller press 1, the call has to be diverted to an extension which is free in the sales department. If no one is free, the call has to be in the queue.

Thanks in advance

I’m new to this entire thing myself.

Try this:

1)Under “General Settings” day yes to “Allow Anonymous Inbound SIP Calls?” and turn this to NO after you are done testing. (Important)

2)In “Announcements” set the “Destination after playback:” to your IVR

3)In “Inbound Routes” make sure “Set Destination” is set to “Announcements:” and chose your Announcement setting

If not already done, make sure you have an inbound route that has the “DID Number:” blank and “Set Destination” to your “Announcement” -> your announcement

  1. save and reload.

  2. from any softphone dial 7777 to simulate an incoming call. ( step 1 made this possible) of all works then set “Allow Anonymous Inbound SIP Calls?” to "NO

have you tried playing back the uploaded mp3 from the system recording page? Does it play back?

As for the IVR do you have an “Inbound Route” for your incoming calls that has the “Set Destination” pointing to your IVR?


I am new to this environment. So far i have created 5 extensions (1000. 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000). I am able to make call in between these extensions using the xLite softphone.

Now i have created

  • an IVR having “Announcement” as built-in system recording
  • an “Inbound Routes” any CID/any DID and set destination of the IVR

I would like the callers listen to an announcement first then must be diverted to the IVR.

Could you please help me on this.

Hi, I am very very new to FreePBX, I have a task for creating EventHoliday Recording and that should be played on Specific days. So how to prepare for this, things to know, procedure to follow. please help in this.


You really have two options:

1 - Head on over to the wiki and read the documentation on time conditions, time groups, system recordings, announcements and IVR’s.

2 - Or click on the paid support option and one of the friendly FreePBX engineers will take care of it for you.