Activate commercials modules

Hello !

I don’t know how to activate my commercial module.

Do someone know another way?


and of course the support of sagoma does not answer me even after 4 days.

I don’t get what’s wrong with my process.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Is there any way like enter the serial number of the purchase or something to activate it?

This is a bit frustrating to block only because of a license.

I wanted to buy this feature to save the time I would have lost if I started a DIY project.

Kind Regards.

Are you sure when you purchased the module that you added the correct deployment ID?
Also, did you click on update activation?

HI , if you have purchased the licence by giving correct deployment id, please run
'fwconsole sa u ’ in the command line. this command will refresh your system licence details

‘fwconsole sa u’ telle that there no changes from original

and yes i did the “update activation”

Maybe the deployment ID was incorrect, how can i check that?

I already followed this wiki.

“Update activation” still change nothing. I have the order details.
There must be an other way to activate the license with the serial number or something…??

In the portal, under that deployment, do you see that module as licensed?


Do you mean this?

Seems like there’s an issue with the Trial.

You’ll need assistance from Sangoma

I made a ticket on the 25th, I still have no answers…

if I buy the module I do not want it to do the same thing

Tired of waiting, i’m gonna buy it.

Just to be 100% sure, what should i put in the deployment options when i checkout??

Thanks to all helps

Customer Service tickets have a longer wait time than support tickets (this is what I’ve experienced)

Have you tried calling them?

Purchase it from within your PBX.