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Activate commercials modules

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(The French Frog) #1

Hello !

I don’t know how to activate my commercial module.

Do someone know another way?


(The French Frog) #2

and of course the support of sagoma does not answer me even after 4 days.

I don’t get what’s wrong with my process.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

(The French Frog) #3

Is there any way like enter the serial number of the purchase or something to activate it?

This is a bit frustrating to block only because of a license.

I wanted to buy this feature to save the time I would have lost if I started a DIY project.

Kind Regards.

(Itzik) #4

Are you sure when you purchased the module that you added the correct deployment ID?
Also, did you click on update activation?

(Philip Joseph) #5

HI , if you have purchased the licence by giving correct deployment id, please run
'fwconsole sa u ’ in the command line. this command will refresh your system licence details

(The French Frog) #6

‘fwconsole sa u’ telle that there no changes from original

and yes i did the “update activation”

Maybe the deployment ID was incorrect, how can i check that?

(Lorne Gaetz) #7

(The French Frog) #8

I already followed this wiki.

“Update activation” still change nothing. I have the order details.
There must be an other way to activate the license with the serial number or something…??

(Itzik) #9

In the portal, under that deployment, do you see that module as licensed?

(The French Frog) #10


Do you mean this?

(Itzik) #11

Seems like there’s an issue with the Trial.

You’ll need assistance from Sangoma

(The French Frog) #12

I made a ticket on the 25th, I still have no answers…

if I buy the module I do not want it to do the same thing

(The French Frog) #13

Tired of waiting, i’m gonna buy it.

Just to be 100% sure, what should i put in the deployment options when i checkout??

Thanks to all helps

(Itzik) #14

Customer Service tickets have a longer wait time than support tickets (this is what I’ve experienced)

Have you tried calling them?

(Itzik) #15

Purchase it from within your PBX.