Actions for timed out orphans and VmX Locator settings

I can not get two features on my Elastix 1.6-12 to work. First, VmX locatore has the option for a caller to press 0 to go to the operator when leaving a voicemail. This works. But there is the option to press 1, 2, or 3, also, and there are boxes where you can input an extension or DID that the caller will be transfered to. Only 0 to operator works, or you can put another extension in the 0 box and it will go there, but the other options do not work.

Second, you can enter a CID prepend or string that is sent to the operator when a parked call times out and becomes an orpan. You are also supposed to be able to play the orphan a message, by choosing a message you record in System Recordings. None of these work. Thanks.