Act as SIP Trunk Provider - Connect FreePBX to Panasonic TDE600/200


I was wondering if someone could give me some advice for the following problem. I have a Panasonic TDE600 (has SIP extensions and SIP Trunks) and the FreePBX server. Now I would like to connect the TDE600 to a SIP Trunk that the FreePBX should provide. I wanted to be able to call any FreePBX extension from the TDE600 and I also would like to call any TDE600 extension from the FreePBX. In order to archive it the FreePBX Trunk needs to have several hundreds DID numbers that I can route as needed on the TDE600. I was wondering if someone could give me advice how to config the trunk? I see hundreds of examples how to connect the FreePBX to a trunk provider, but in my case the FreePBX needs to be the trunk provider that provides the username and password and DID numbers.



Hi Community,

I figure out what do to. In order help other with a similar issue here are my steps that I did:
Settings in the FreePBX:

  1. In the FreePBX I created chan_sip Trunk. In the General tab specify how many channels do you want to use. In the SIP settings outgoing tab give a proper trunk name. This name will be used from the Panasonic TDE SIP Gateway. In the peer details write:
    Have nothing in the sip settings incoming tab.
  2. Set up a outbound route for the FreePBX. In the route setting tab choose in trunk sequence you in new created sip Trunk. In the dial pattern tab created you dial pattern. In my case all my Panasonic extension are three digits. The FreePBX user should be able to call the 2xx, 3xx, 4xx and 5xx extension on the Panasonic PBX. I created the dial pattern [2345]XX.

Panasonic TDE200/TDE600 settings:

  1. Setup a new SIP Trunk. In channel attribute choose basic channel, in sip server location put in you freepbx name or IP address, choose the right sip server port number. In the account tab put in user name and in authentication ID the trunk name that you created in the FreePBX. Put in the same password that you have put under secret in the FreePBX.
  2. Assign the desired trunk group to the SIP channel.

With this setup I can call any Panasonic extension from the FreePBX with dialing just the extension number. On the Panasonic system I need to dial first the trunk group number and then the FreePBX extension.
There is one limitation: You can’t directly access a Panasonic trunk from the FreePBX. You need to go through the Panasonic DISA. Or you created a second sip trunk int he FreePBX that connects to a Panasonic SIP extensions with the follwoing details in the sip settings outgoing tab:
username=Panasonic Sip extension
secret=sip extensions password
host=Panasonic IP address

If you use this sip trunk you can can access any trunk on the Panasonic.
I hope this helps other who faces similar issues.


Could you please go a little more in-depth with this step. My FreePBX can call my Panasonic system but Panasonic cannot call the FreePBX. Thank you

Hi, sorry I haven’t seen your request sooner. Do you still need help?

Hello. Sorry it took me awhile to respond I took a small break in this project as I am still having issues getting the Panasonic system to be able to use the FreePBX Extensions. I can call the Panasonic extensions on the FreePBX. Thanks!

I just tried setting this up. When I dial from FreePBX to the Panasonic (in my case it’s an NCP500), I get my call can’t be completed as dialed. Clearly I did something wrong. I see the registration, although showing sip peers gives me this:

Name/username Host Dyn Forcerport Comedia ACL Port Status Description

Panasonic/Panasonic D Yes Yes 35060 Unmonitored

Any thoughts?

“call cannot be completed as dialed” message means that the dialed number didn’t match any outbound route.

I’ll give that a look.