ACD based on SQL request OR CSV file


I’m looking for a feature that i couldn’t find on any Asterisk based solution.

The feature i’m looking for is the ability, for the caller, during an IVR (for example) to enters digits and validating them (either by pressing */# key OR when the string reaches a number of digits).

After the caller has entered the digits sequence, the FreePBX (or anything else) should go doing a SQL request (or any database) //OR// looking inside a CSV/XML file for getting the good number to forward the call.

1 - Caller enters his “client reference” (123456) and confirms it by pressing (#)
2 - Server initiates the search function on a database (located or not on the same server)
3 - Server finds the sequence 123456 and sees that in “column 2”, it must pass the call to the geographic number "+441234567890"
4 - Caller is played a Music on Hold while its call is being sent to the good person.

Thanks !

This solution can be implemented in Asterisk using the extension scripting language.

With the proper use of contexts it can integrate with the FreePBX dial plan.

The O’Reilly book “Asterisk, The definitive reference” provides all the documentation a programmer would need to implement the functionality you describe.