Account Unauthorized

Hello i have a problem normale Sip user account
then the Groundwire app give account Unauthorized
What can that be ?

Well you are missing some very important information, but since I am here tonight to potentially report an issue that may be your problem I will tell you to try the following:

In your Groundwire configuration where you entered the “domain” (ip, hostname, or FQDN of your FreePBX server) add a “:5061”

You do not mention your FreePBX version, but since it may likely be the new version 13 there is a chance you did not notice your extension listens on 5061 for SIP and not 5060 which is traditionally the default for SIP. Not going to get into the why since we know nothing of your environment.

So some questions which the answers may help others help you are:

  1. Is this a system you administer or one you use and others administer (do you have the ability to configure the server?)
  2. What version of FreePBX and Asterisk are you running?
  3. In the extension’s configuration, is there a listing at the top stating which technology the device uses? (PJSIP or CHAN_SIP)

Not sure my post will be of any help, but I saw it and it looked like what I have seen so many others have reported as well. So I thought I’d take a stab at helping you with this my initial thought.

H Daniel,
Thanks for helping I have add :5061 now the extension is registerd
but when i call the extension then is noting responding
all other accounts are Pjsip and are no problem running
freepbx version 13

So many places to look DKO and I am simply not able to fill in all the gaps for you.

If you can sit on the system with absolute silence you can more easily capture what is going on during that extension to extension call.

  • Get into your system via SSH
  • Access the Asterisk CLI via rasterisk command (preferred) or the asterisk -r command
  • attempt the extension to extension call and then watch the CLI output - any clues?
  • You can increase the verbosity using core set verbose # where # is any number between 0 (no output) and 9 (maximum output) - I would increase by 3’s. Each Asterisk CLI session starts with a default verbosity at no output (0) without having to type anything.
  • Watch the output for clues. Something is clearly not right with your configuration, but you have still not provided any meaningful data that will help others help you.