"Account Code" function for an extension

Good afternoon, all.

I’m trying to create some sort of method to make CDR records searchable by “department”. My first thought was to assign an “account code” to each extension in the system, then search by that code in CDR when I want to search a department.

That works well for outbound calls, but it does nothing for inbound (or HG/Queue answered calls).

Does anyone know of a way to make extension-assigned account codes apply to all calls the station handles (inbound, outbound, queue/HG)?

Or, does someone know of another way this “department-based” CDR could be achieved and still be manageable via the web admin interface?


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No one has any thoughts on this one?

Not a trivial request, and requires custom code. You might be able to hook the hangup macro for the AMPUSER channel variable, make a database search on that for the account code and write it to the CDR. If you have budget, it is the type of thing we can do for you in support (link above).