Accessing vpn phones like internal phones

So here is my question. I have internal customer phones that i have no problem accessing based on IP. I have external customer phones that are using PBX’s vpn with IP 10.8.0.X. Is there any simple way to access those phones besides remoting into the external users computer to access their phone? Most of the customer phones we are connected, are connected by vpn with their/our firewall. Teleworkers are connected to appropriate phone server by vpn. Our company is not connected to teleworkers.

What do you mean specifically by ‘access’? Are you talking about logging into the Phone GUI? If so, it can be done but whether it’s simple or not will depend. You can establish an ssh session to the PBX, then configure a SOCKS tunnel via the ssh session, and then configure your browser to proxy http thru the tunnel and then login to the phone using the VPN IP. Easy peasy. You might also be able to establish a VPN connection to the PBX from your PC and route traffic to the other VPN IPs thru this connection.

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