Accessing MySQL CDR table from external SQL server

Is there a way to have a MS SQL server access the CDR database on a Distro server?

Please tell us what you want to do because the answer to your question is as written, no.

MS-SQL is a server like My-SQL, they do the same thing.

You can connect any SQL client to the database or you could have FreePBX use the MS-SQL server to store the CDR’s.

Thanks for your response.
First off I would like to get ODBC on my Windows 7 laptop connected to the CDR database on the FreePBX Distro server.
I assume I would go to the System DSN tab and add a new data sources.
Not sure what to put in as the server name and what the username and password would be.

An incomplete assumption, you will need a mysql connector on your windoze box and you will need to set up a mysql account on your FreePBX box to allow such a connector to work. Both will require a little research but I feel that both answers will be there where you find your connector, a gentle nudge, start at

Dicko’s answer is spot on. I also think you may find the free and powerful MySQLWorkbench very useful.