Accessing isymphony with a custom URL

We use a custom URL for our phone system, for example the URL “” takes me to my FreePBX GUI. I’m having trouble accessing isymphony using that URL. When I’m logged in to my GUI with that URL and I click “isymphony V3 Panel” it errors out. It tries going to “”. When I use my local IP it directs it correctly to and works as expected.

How can I get it to work with the URL?

Any advice?? I still haven’t found a way to fix this.

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Surely that would depend on how you set your name resolution for your LAN, from your machine, does resolve to (ping), within your LAN, (best solution) ? . If it resolves to your public ip , does your router properly deliver connections on tcp/58080 to

You guys rock!

I hadn’t forwarded that port on my router. Forwarding tcp/58080 to my PBX local IP solved it.

Thanks again!!

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