Accessing Conference recordings

Hey Everyone

Can someone please explain to me where exactly the conference calls get saved to once ticked to record?

Is there a way to access this through the ARI?
I can also use winscp to access it but dont know where to look.

Using FreePBX 2.4.0.


Anyone? Please!


Thank you Mikael

I checked under the folder and for some reason only the recordings from extensions that is being monitored is getting saved there.

The conference recordings doesn’t come up there, is there another place where I can find this?


This is from the dialplan generated when Record Conference is set to Yes (for conference 7100):

exten => 7100,n,Set(MEETME_RECORDINGFILE=${ASTSPOOLDIR}/monitor/meetme-conf-rec-${MEETME_ROOMNUM}-${UNIQUEID})

Recordings are saved as /var/spool/asterisk/monitor/meetme-conf-rec-7100-“someuniqueid”

I checked under /var/spool/asterisk/monitor/ but the recordings doesn’t get saved there.

I did monitor the asterisk SLI and as soon as I phone the conference room (7000), it says: starting recording meetme-conf-rec-7000-“someuniqueid”.

It doesn’t tell me where it is getting saved to.

Check your amportal.conf for variable ASTSPOOLDIR, it should point to /var/spool/asterisk

Yes, this is what it says when opened:


I managed to locate it though… it was saved to:


Why would it save to that location?