Accessing Asterisk html directory via ftp program

I have been trying to access my asterisk server via a ftp program.
When I attempt to access it, it is asking for the username and password.
I have tried the following:
U: admin P: -blank-
U: root P: (the pass I gave the server when loading:
U: admin P: password

None of these have worked. Any ideas?

I can easily login and out of the Linux area with the username root and my password I gave it.

What type of system is your Asterisk installed on? Are you using FreePBX distro?

Yes it is a Distro Version 64 Bit
Ver 2.6.18

Create a user with the adduser script.

Alternatively you can edit out the root user from /etc/vsftp/user_list and ftpusers however having root with ftp login is not a great idea.

Thank you
I was able to add a new user, but when I use “classic FTP” program it still sill not get past the login stage

Do I need a different FTP program to log into a linux system?

Nope, check all the settings in /etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf, something is probably set to not allow loginins. Everything in the file is clearly documented.

Run ‘service vsftpd restart’ to make the changes take effect.

I was able to access server via WinSCP I did check the file as requested and it states that Write_enable=no and I am not able to copy files into the folders via Winscp (I presume because of that).

I am not familiar with editing files on Linux command prompt level. Could you please provide me with steps to correct this issue so that I may be able to write files to folders on my server via WinScp?

You should be able to via WinSCP, it uses ssh protocol.

You can use any editor you want. nano and pico are popular. Just google for the man page.

If you are not familiar with Linux what do you need to upload to the web directories that you can’t do via the FreePBX GUI.

I am wanting to upload pictures for the display (.bmp) as well as the Directory file.

I would think WinSCP using SCP protocol would be the easiest way to do this.