Access VM from alternate Extension without logging in?

I’m using FreePBX
I have 2 sip trunks
I have 2 Obihai 1032 phones
I have Ext 300 and 301 on phone 1
I have Ext 400 and 401 on phone 2
Extensions 300 and 400 have no VM and correspond to one SIP Trunk
Extensions 301 and 401 correspond to the 2nd SIP Trunk and VM is on 301
VM works fine on Ext 301 on phone 1
On phone 2 Ext 401, I went under Extensions and edited Ext 401, under Advanced Tab and put [email protected] for Mailbox which works great for turn on the message indicator and letting me know there is a VM on ext 301.
My problem is when I pick up Ext 401 on Phone 2 and dial *97, it asks for mailbox. I would like it to operate as Ext 301 does and automatically go directly to the mailbox with no prompts for mailbox or password.
Is there another change I need to make under the advanced setting for the extension for this to work?
*note: User & Devices Mode is set to -> extensions.

I’ve read some other postings about using symbolic links but would like to be able to do this without going to that step (even if it would work).

Any comments, ideas, suggestions would be appreciated.

Each extension has settings for destinations of no answer, busy and unavailable, *301 as a destination would send the call straith to the voicemailbox of 301, so setup a misc destination that does just that and send calls to that destination.

A slightly more complicated solution is to create a custum application that calls voicemailmain with the s option

rasterisk -x “core show application VoiceMailMain”

Thanks for the reply @dicko, but I’m a little confused and it’s probably just me. I’ll try to explain more.

A call comes into the system which is presented to Ext 301 which has find me/follow me set to ring Ext 301 and Ext 401.

VM is setup on Ext 301 and it picks up and records the caller’s message.
The message indicators light up on both phones (301 and 401).
I can dial *97 on phone ext 301 and it goes right into the voicemail (no login or password needed)
I dial *97 on phone ext 401 and it asks for mailbox and password. I would like it to work like 301 when I dial *97
and go directly into the mailbox.


You can’t do that. *97 logs you in using the CallerID of the device when you call into voicemail. Dialing *97 from a phone that does not have voicemail or setup to not prompt for password from same extension you are going to be treated as if you dial *98.

It is going to ask for the mailbox and password. You cannot dial *97 from 401 and hope to be just prompted for 301’s PIN and get that mailbox. That’s just not how it works. If you are not calling from a device that presents the extension (mailbox) in the CallerID (FROM header) you will be prompted for the mailbox and that mailbox’s PIN.

You can dial"


You can put that on a button just the same.

If you pay for restapps and the phone supports them i like visual voicemail app. I dont think obi supports them though. We use yealink primarily.

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