Access to web gui

hi everyone
i am using FreePBX
i changed the port # for my freepbx gui and i can not access it any longer since i forgot what port it was, can someone help me where to change it back
i can access port 81 (
thank you

on the machine iteself

netstat -ntpl

should give you a clue

yes thank you
it appear that i changed it to 101 but i still can not access itwhere can i change this ?

That you have something on :81 suggests some virtual hosting has been setup, look in your /etc/httpd/.conf (/etc/apache2/.conf if using debian type deployment) structure for incorrectly setup virtual hosts

everything is working fine, including all my extensions except web gui that i can’t access
in that file says #Listen 80 but it doesn’t work
81 works fine
please someone help

someone please help me change it back to 80 i need access to my web gui ASAP
thank you