Access to recordings

Right now any user that logs into ARI can see and play all their call recordings. I would like to lock it down so they can get to everything but the call monitoring and that only their manager can access the call monitoring. Is that possible? Reason is if a customer support agent has a bad call with someone and they don’t want their manager to review the call all they have to do is login and delete the call. Wondering if anyone has experience with this?


Make sure the following options are set:

$ARI_ADMIN_MODULES = "callmonitor";
$ARI_DEFAULT_ADMIN_PAGE = "callmonitor";
$ARI_DEFAULT_USER_PAGE = "voicemail";

This will prevent normal users from being able to access the callmonitor page at all. You can give the manager access to the callmonitor page two different ways.
[*]Add the manager’s extension to the list of admin extensions. When the manager logs into ARI, the callmonitor page should be available to review all system recordings. If you have more than one manager you can add all their extensions in a comma delimited list as shown below.

$ARI_ADMIN_EXTENSIONS = "201,251,301";

[*]Have the manager log into ARI with the admin only account to view the callmonitor page. The default values are shown below, but you should change these values because they are easily found out.

$ARI_ADMIN_PASSWORD = "ari_password";

I hope this helps you, Seth

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Just getting around to testing this. Both options seem to work. I did notice that some of the voice recording audio as a little out of sync with regards to inbound and outbound as well as a couple other problems but I will post them as a new question.

Thanks for the insight.