Access to pbx from outside with reverse proxy

Hey all.
Running Raspbx and all works great. However my system sits behind a Gnat with no public IP. So for other web services I use Cloudflare tunnels and for a couple of streams I use NGINX stream. Now I did try and creat a NGINX stream host but for now it doesnt seem to work. I am doing all this remotely as I am away and just trying to set up an Android client.

So I am sure I am not the only one that has this issue. I use tailscale to get from my NGINX reverse proxy into the rest of my systems and have installted Tailscale on my RasPbx. I can see the FreePbx stuff via tailscale.
So any suggestions? Are there any Voip clients for phones with inbuilt VPN clients or open to suggestions

I don’t know that I’ve seen VPN built into software VoIP clients, but there are VPN clients for every OS. Lots of physical IP, like Sangoma phones, have VPN.

I know nothing about Tailscale but would expect that if you run the Android Tailscale app, the Pi should be directly (non-NAT) addressable through the tunnel and any SIP app would be able to register to it. In Asterisk SIP Settings, make sure that the private address subnets created by Tailscale are listed in Local Networks. If you change these, after Submit and Apply Config you must restart Asterisk. If this doesn’t work or is unsuitable for your needs, provide details.

The above is not a good long term solution; the VPN and repeated registrations will run the battery down. An app that uses push notifications such as Groundwire can run in the background with zero additional battery consumption, but you will need to make some changes to your architecture to accommodate it.

If you are just trying to make or receive calls via a VoIP trunk on the PBX and the FreePBX location is unoccupied, consider registering the SIP app directly to the trunking provider; no VPN or proxy should be needed.

For better advice, please post: What country is the PBX in? ISP? Type of connection (satellite, mobile data, fixed wireless, etc.) What kind(s) of trunks do you have (SIP, POTS, GSM gateway, etc.)? When you are away, are other users of the PBX there? Do you currently have any external extensions? If so, how are they connected?

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