Access to an ISO no longer available

Due to some type of audit our agency is going through, I am being told to produce the freepbx-10.13.66-6-x86_64-full-1445789882.iso file which is what I used to originally install one of our FreePBX servers. I have unsuccessfully argued that our systems have been updated past 10.13.66-6 and that the file is no longer available for download.

Is there any way I can get this file or does anyone still have it?

I already looked there and that specific ISO is no longer there.

Sorry. And that sounds like a ridiculous audit, if the auditors don’t understand the concept of updates. Good luck.

In 2018, someone was looking for 10.13.66-6 and couldn’t find it then either. Need ISO Download for 10.13.66-6

I agree that it is a ridiculous audit but it is beyond my control.

I also came across that post from 2018. I totally get what Tony was saying about minor versions but in my situation I do not need the ISO for an install.

Back in college they wanted to do a software license audit and required a printed copy of the eula for all software used. The department head printed out hundreds of copies of the gpl

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