Access to a trunk at >1 time sets. - Is there a design error here?


I want to allow access to a trunk for more than one set of times. For example 19:00-07:00 M-F & all day Saturday and Sunday. Now if the ‘Outbound Route’ would allow the use of ‘Time Conditions’ instead of ‘Time Groups’ then this can be easily made to work because one ‘Time’ condition’ can feed into another ‘Time Condition’. Looking at this it seems to me that a design error may have been made as there seems to be no logical sense to using ‘Time Group’ instead of ‘Time Condition’.
… or am I missing something? Can anyone advise as to how I can achieve my aim of using two time periods for a single outbound route?
I can do incoming route ‘Time Conditions’ so why not on ‘Outbound Routes’?

A time group can have many entries, not just one. Unfortunately in 2.11 this is not obvious, you have to submit and edit the time group for each additional entry. There used to be a button that did this but it’s gone now.

Thanks lgaetz, I’ve got it now. I can see when I return to view the ‘Time Group’ that it has provision to add another time group. Wonderful, thanks for your reply.