Access ring groups from IVR

When an external caller rings in they go to an IVR and have an opportunity to enter in an extension number. I want them to be able to enter a ring group, currently they get an error ‘that is not a valid extension’. We have several users with 2 phones ( one wireless ) who are set up with ring-groups as defacto extension numbers to ring both phones.

try entering the destination number in to the ivr pointing to the ring group. For example, if the ring group is #600 enter an option in the ivr for 600 pointing to the Ring group 600

If you can’t use a ring group in the ivr, you could enter follow-me settings for the ‘main’ phone of each users concerned. In many aspects a follow-me acts just like a ring group. When done, the ‘main’ extension can be choosen from the ivr.

Please note, I have not implemented ivr yet myself, so I haven’t tested this actual set-up.

that’s exactly what I’ve done for now lazytt, but I was hoping to not have to do it for all ring groups. Will check out the follow-me options.

Optionally you can include the ring groups context in the IVR context. I was getting sick of increasing my options and adding each group as an IVR option under the digital receptionist. I wanted them to be treated like an extension, accessible from inside or outside.

First look at extensions_additional.conf and find the name of the IVR context for the IVR you want to have access to ring groups. Then find the name of the custom context already configured to be included in that IVR context. Now add an include line for the name of the ring groups context into the extensions_custom.conf file by creating the custom IVR context followed by the include line. This will make the IVR aware of all groups that you create and you won’t have to explicitly add them to your IVR.

It will be something like:

In extensions_custom.conf, add:


include =>ext-group