Access Phone Apps Without User Account?

My company is using FreePBX with 49 extensions. We currently have it integrated with our LDAP server, we’re mostly using Sangoma S500 phones with a small handful of S300s, all configured using Endpoint Manager and everything works wonderfully. We also have contacts set up in the Contact Manager phone app.

Some of our phones don’t make logical sense to link to a user account, i.e. a phone at the front desk or in the hallway that a large number of people might use. Currently, these phones can’t access the Contact Manager phone app, I’m assuming this is because they don’t have a user linked, so they don’t have permission. Normally, I could just create a user in FreePBX for these phones, but since I’m using LDAP that means I’d have to create a user for our whole system, rather than just a local user account in FreePBX for the phone to use.

Is there any way of using Phone Apps with extensions that don’t have users linked? If not, is there a relatively stable way of using a combination of users from LDAP as well as local? This also affects the voicemail app, the affected phones can only access voicemail using *97 instead of using the app.

As an alternative, I noticed that the Sangoma phones have a setting for downloading an XML phonebook to use instead. Can this be used with FreePBX? If so, where is documentation for the XML format? I’ve found different formats published for different phone brands, but I can’t seem to find any documentation for writing an XML phonebook for the Sangoma phones.

Roger Ernst

No the whole design and permission system is all around user manager. You need to create a user. No way around it.

Then is there a way of having local FreePBX users in addition to the ones from LDAP?

No FreePBX does not allow for this.

Any documentation available about the format the Sangoma phones expect for Phonebook XML?

We don’t have a phonebook XML. We use serverside XML in our apps and it’s undocumented.

Just go create some dummy users on your AD server.