Access Multiple Voicemail Through a DID


I have a DID number configured in my Freepbx, Now i have like 30 extensions. Now what i want to do is when a user calls the DID number, he can dial his extension number and then the call would go directly to his voicemail so he can listen to his voicemail box.

Can any one please let me know how can i achieve it ? also please let me know what and where should i change.

Thank you.

Simplest, set the Inbound Route for the DID with Destination: Feature Code Admin, Dial Voicemail.

Callers to the number will hear ‘Mailbox?’ and will be prompted for extension and password (press # after each).

Security issues: someone calling the DID accidentally may be intrigued by the prompt and call repeatedly, attempting to find a valid extension number / password combination. If your voicemail configuration permits callback and/or placing outgoing calls from the voicemail menu, that’s an additional hazard. Security could be tightened by restricting access to specific calling numbers, or with a more complex configuration that uses different announcements and/or requires an additional password.

There are many other ways that a user could get messages remotely, including sending each message as an email with an audio attachment, or using a mobile app to access the system.

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Thank you Stewart, This helped a lot.

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