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Just got my first testing install rolled out for FreePBX and I was able to get everything set up fine, absolutely a breeze to work with. However, I noticed that for some reason I cannot gain admin access through the GUI if I am outside my LAN/WAN environment. I can ping the box, and I can hit the page…it just does not allow me to even select the admin login. I assume this is probably a security function, and I will look through the settings to make sure I did not miss something obvious, but I figured I would ask here to as well. Is login to the admin gui restricted to IP’s originating from the LAN or local subnet segment by default?



Which Distro did you install with?

derp, yeah, sorry…It was the 5.211.65-8 distro.

That is the FreePBX version, did you install manually, or with a Distro (see big red link on the right that says DOWNLOAD FreePBX Distro) There are other Distro’s that do things differently which is why I ask.

Ack, sorry, I should have mentioned that. FreePBX 32-bit

Poked through settings, not able to find setting that allows/disallows this…or whitelists an outside IP. I can hit the ssh session fine, just not able to start a remote admin GUI session. :confused:

Sounds like your firewall is not port forwarding port 80 then. Their are no security options in FreePBX to block external access. Its all in your firewall setup.

Hmm that is very odd, because it is sitting on an external IP, and I can hit the page from an external IP (so no, port 80 is working) but the button to log into the admin is not clickable. If I am on the LAN, np. I can click on the user login, just not the admin login.

Can you describe the network topology a bit more. You mentioned that the PBX sits on an external IP. Do you mean that you have a NIC in the PBX that is directly connected to a public IP address?

yeah in this instance the NIC for the box that this distro was deployed on was on a public IP. I am re-rolling and continuing testing because I had some other issues, so trying it now with NAT. But yes, on the previous deployment I could hit the page, I could SSH the box, but for whatever reason I could not click on the Admin login under the GUI unless I was on the local subnet. Strange.