Access CLI from outside of GUI


We are trying to achieve something that I hope someone can help with.

We have a helpdesk with several Queues setup, agents log in and out of their Queues when they start end work etc. With home working it’s not always easy for the agents to see who is logged in or not and we have a few times where no one is logged in and customers can’t get through.

What we want to do is allow them to see who is logged in a Queue at a point in time, without giving them access to the GUI and the CLI.

Do you know if there is a way of running CLI commands from outside of the GUI?

You can run the CLI from anywhere that can run a Linux command by using “/usr/sbin/rasterisk -x '<cli command>'”.

There is also, almost certainly an AMI action that you could run from your own AMI client that would provide the information, although it might need formatting.

That’s absolutely fantastic, many thanks for your help and prompt response

If you are feeling really techy, you could set up a VPN and implement FOP2 for them to see. They wouldn’t get access to the GUI and you could manage most of this from there.

Once upon a time, there was also something call “queue wallboard” that would display queue status as a web page. Maybe something like that. Once again, make it accessible through a VPN connection to keep it private.

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