Access Asterisk files via Newwork connection

Hi all,
Could you please help how to access any file in Asterisk Server via internet connection? It just likes network group in Windows. I want to see the computer name and be capable to access files in the asterisk computer.
Thank you very much,

Can you say SAMBA?

Repeat after me…SAMBA

Anyway, this is not really a FreePBX question.

I repeated many times already. But …what should I do now? Man …too many stuffs in Samba webpage. I am learning it now …
Thank you very much for your help.

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I can’t help you with too much stuffs! Samba is easy to config. If you don’t know Linux it probably seems complicated.

What distro are you running? You should be able to yum or apt-get samba, then all you need is a config, here is the sample:

comment = Insert a comment here
path = /home/share/
valid users = tfox carole
public = no
writable = yes
printable = no
create mask = 0765

Hi SkyingOH,
First, I would like to say many THANKS to you. I’m so happy with your help and I’m wondering that this website is gratefully useful to all people, not only to new learners like me.
I’m very new to Linux. I am learning it but it is not easy since Linux is mostly dealing with commands. The Linux system I’m using now is from Asterisk NOW, the whole pack with CentOS included.
I followed your instruction to install Samba using Yum. I have Samba in the Asterisk already but when I open the file: smb.conf, oh man! …. It’s a big file with all words and meaningless (to me) explanations. I got confused.
Could you spare some more minutes to instruct me with those setting please!
Again, thank you very much!

This is a bit out of scope for the forum. These are the exact type of jobs our support teams specializes in. If you select the support link on the homepage I will make sure I pick up the ticket. Using FreePBX support keeps the project and this web site operating.

Thanks for the kind words.

Hi SkyingOH,
My job’s done. Wow, Samba is a perfect piece for this task.
Have a good holiday weekend.