Absent attendant redirect

in short I would like to create an easy way to redirect the call group when that person is not available.

Right now I have a time condition that goes to the operator and if she is not available after a certain amount of rings it goes to other personnel to answer the call and then if that group doesn’t pick it up it goes to the operator’s voice mail box.

When the operator is at lunch or is absent I would like it to go the second ring group.
I’m a little new to this and not sure exactly what route to go.

Have the operator turn on her DND when she does not want to be disturbed.

So right now I have 2 ring groups. One for the operator and then when the operator doesn’t pick up after so many rings it goes to another ring group.
If she turns on the DND will it go directly to the next ring group?
I think I have answered my own question. Bc the operator is ring group is set to if no answer go to the next ring group. Then yes it would. Surprised I didn’t see that. Thanks for pointing it out.