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I have some problems with pbx in a flash.
Why there is no ring tone during call transfer after I input the extension number?

Does anybody have an idea about this?

I suspect your question will be removed, as will my reply, once this thread is tidied.

That being said…

Try setting the options Asterisk Dial Options and Asterisk Outbound Trunk Dial Options to “Ttr” under Advanced Settings > Dialplan and Operational


Thanks but it didn’t work maybe because I didn’t post clearly my problem

actually the problem is any calls from DAHDI analog trunk (PSTN) blind transfer to extensions, PSTN caller can’t heard if the extension is ringing but other calls aside from PSTN blind tranfer to extension is OK and no problem.

By the way I’m using Sangoma A400: 2–24 Port Expandable Analog Voice Card

any solutions or suggestions is highly appreciated…

Please create a separate category for FreePBX BETA. So as not to overload the production categories with BETA questions.