About sip trunk register

hi, everyone

I’am very confusion about sip trunk register.

I have a voip account, and can use xlite register and call out or call in. if it mean I can use this voip account as my freepbx sip trunk?

Actually, I try to configure this voip account as my sip trunk, but it can’t register. why?

at same time, My another voip provider’s account can be registered as a sip trunk, and it does work.

Does anyone can tell me what’s different between xlite register and sip trunk register?

Make sure you’ve entered in the correct details for your SIP account. You should also include a register string. It should look something like this:


Make sure that the trunk details are correct as well. You may need to contact your provider for more information. It should look something like this:


Hope this helps.


yes you should use it as your freepbx sip trunk also.

there can be some misconfiguration and then this is the root cause that you could not register your provider.

It can be good to compare configurations of x-lite and freepbx