About same virtual machine running with restored backup

Hi all!

I want to update a freepbx machine on a virtual machine environment, with an exact copy of it running at the same time, without online trunks on the updating one. The idea is to to have one of them working between the other is being updgrading.

I wonder what would happen with the commercial modules and licenses if both machinnes are running with the same deployment ID at the sane time.

Any idea? Does anyone upgrade machines in this way?

I have a machine working 24x7 and can’t stop it.


Each device had to have it’s own licenses (this is how many do warm spare). You can on a limited basis move licenses to a new machine but this wouldn’t wirk as a regular flow.

Well, I know each machine had to have it’s own licenses, but the question is would happen if each are working at the same time.

The goal is to update the machine and have it working at the same time, and then, use the updated one if everything goes well.


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