About 80 phones just reset back to defaults

We have over 150 phones ( Polycom 550, Aastra 6731i)
None of the Polycoms were affected.
About half of the AASTRAS.
They basically all reverted back to their default settings overnight. There wasn’t a firm ware update network change or anything in that nature we directly know of right now. My superiors were more concerned to get the service on phones back up and running than to track down the root cause initially. We are running FREEPBX 2.10 distro w/no updates installed at the moment. I have brought most fo the phones back online but it seems even though DHCP is disabled they are pulling addresses that are already assigned on our VOIP subnet.

I know this probably isn’t proper etiquette but I’m lost on how this could happen and I couldn’t find anything in the logs that jumped out at me yet. I’m pretty new to the system generally so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Could you possibly have a rogue DHCP server on your network? Perhaps a router being used as a switch without the DHCP being disabled?


What we believe happened is a test lab was plugged in locally to our data network and their own separate network. They were pushing out multicast traffic for video streaming testing for a presentation.

It doesn’t have anything to do with Multi-cast and everything to do with another DHCP server (I guess that’s a form of multi-cast.

DHCP tells the phones where to find the config so that’s why you think they were reset.