Abnormal Call Notification just started working!

I bet a bunch of people who’ve updated sysadmin have suddenly started getting these Abnormal Call Notification alerts.

And… They have no idea what they are, because, they’ve been broken since 2013!

So, since I’m in the middle of fixing them, I thought I’d ask what you guys want from them?

The percentage fields are too restrictive, there is no reason to limit the thresholds to 100%, there are situations where 500% or 1000% might be desired. There are four thresholds, but some users may wish to only use three, so a mechanism to ignore might be useful. How are calls determined to be international and are these totals also included in normal? Is there any way to add a concurrent call threshold or is there any reason to think it could be useful to users?


Sounds good to me. I think that 1000% is probably going to be unusual. How about I go 10,20…100,150,200,300?

A 300% increase or decrease means something pretty traumatic has happened.

If the number sent to the trunk starts with 00, or, 011, it’s deemed to be an international call. That’s what it’s been forever, and it seems good enough to me, but it’s easy to change if anyone else has a better suggestion.

No. That’s annoyingly difficult.

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OK, so what I’ve done is add a new button to disable alerts. As this hasn’t worked in two years, I’ve set it to default to DISABLED.

Anyone who wants to use it should probably turn it on. I also fixed the extra long percent (as referenced in the bug ticket), and a couple of other minor wording things.

Have a download of .30.3 and I’d love some suggestions, please!

Call Volume Settings refers to Daily Email.
Not sure why I was getting emails at the top of every hour ! (ie 24 emails per day)
Perhaps this has changed in .30.3 ? Further testing will reveal answer.
Thanks for fixing.

That’s what was written originally. No idea why it said it! The important thing is that it’s fixed so it does only send an email daily, ONLY IF YOU TURN IT ON.

It’ll also hit you with alerts if you exceed the thresholds, and it’ll probably be worth waiting to see what happens with that and how people want to handle it.

I agree that 100% (or even 300%) increase is not sufficient. For a server that only does an hour or less of calling a day one long phone call can easily represent a huge increase.

And even for a large call center making thousands of calls a day (somewhat consistently) I think increments of 10% are way too small.

Otherwise, I think it’s a pretty nice addition.

Previously, emails from this module were not playing nicely with my email system.
Relevant headers as follows :
Subject: Daily call volume report for pbx.lan*
X-PHP-Originating-Script: 499:abnormal.php
From: Call Volume Report <>
Message-Id: [email protected]

Simple problem appears to be the From stanza. There’s no originating email address between the <>.
Might be an opportunity for improvement while you’re working on this module.

Yep, I already fixed that, I noticed it in the report in the bug tracker.

If there’s no email address set in notifications, it now comes from [email protected] :sunglasses:

I gotta say the support from you guys is superb.
There’s also a minor insect that I put into bugtracker a short time ago, that appears already been fixed too (in Ver 13).
Now I just need to find a suitable commercial module to purchase, and express gratitude with hard currency. :smile:

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Maybe I wrote too soon !

Since upgrading to latest SysAdmin module today, I’ve again started receiving these “Daily” emails, at the top of every hour.
TIA’s for any clues for how to stop these unwanted emails.
I’ve tried System Admin, Abnormal Call Volume, Send Daily Email = No, Submit.
But they keep coming !

It’s only been an hour since I updated to, also I have set the thresholds to 20% - I have not seen an email at 0900 BST - other than disabling-the-email-alert way, what are your thresholds @bgroper?

Using 10 in all % thresholds.
I’ll shove 'em all up to 300 and see wot happens at top of next hour.
BUT I’ve selected “No”, so why do I get any email at all ?
Also, after clicking at Submit, there’s no red Apply button appearing at top of screen. Is this normal ?

Same here and to every setting in System Admin apparently.

I run the FreePBX distro, apparently, there were other updates along not just System Admin (and on one of them the changelog said something about only one cron job running). Care to check ?

Yes. That only appears with dial plan modifications

I did a bunch of fixes to scheduled jobs as part of the testing for 13, and most of them were using cron incorrectly. As part of that testing I discovered that this was broken!

:slight_smile: thanks Rob.
While you’re looking,
where does the ACV detector get the data from ?
Because up until the update to .4, the email stated

Total daily call duration on a week day (average last 30 days): 2 minutes. Total call duration for last 24 hours: minutes. Percent change: -100%

Total oubound calls on a week day (average last 30 days): 2. Total outbound calls last 24 hours: 0. Percent change: -100%

(and same figures for ‘international’ calls so truncated)

whereas my cdr report for last day (more or less) with disposition ‘answered’ had

Total Calls: 28 / Max Calls: 28 / Total Duration: 69:03


ps -ale | grep cron

Yes, 2 instances of crond detected.
sudo service crond restart seems to clear this up.
Dunno how that happened. Normal ?

Been slightly confused by the language “Abnormal Call Volume”.
None of our users said their calls were too loud or soft, ie audio volume.
In our realm, we refer to number of calls as “call traffic” or “call frequency”.

Dunno :slight_smile: 'tis more a question to @xrobau or to @distrodevelopers :wink: probably.