Ability to enter credit card info and charge by the minute?

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This is probably an odd request, but I have a client that is wanting to have the ability to have people call in to their main number which would be an auto attendant and if the user presses option 2, they want the ability to require credit card information before the call is routed to an extension and once the call is routed for the card to be charged on a per minute basis… similar model the way 900 numbers charge for phone calls, but this is definitely not a 900 number service :slight_smile:

Is there a way to do this with FreePBX or is there another product out there that can accomplish this?

Thank you for any information!!

Very do-able, but a custom programming job - It would be tricky getting enough information through the keypad to validate a credit-card - And real-time charging is even trickier.

Probably should reach out to some of the 900-Line operators and see how they do it - I know you said this is not a 900 service, but nonetheless, they have already “Invented” that wheel.

Actually in thinking about it, you would have a much easier time with a website for the users to enter their credit card information and then give them a suitably complex PIN to call in with - That would be a fairly simple task to link the website to the PIN database in Asterisk - and then the CDR’s would give you the billing information to go back and bill.


The first test to do would be to see if it passes the Luhn algorithm (modulo 10).

re: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luhn_algorithm

This only tells you if the number has at least some chances of being a credit card number (or one of the other numbers validated that way :wink: ). If this doesn’t pass this basic test then there is no need to check the number further…

Doing more than that would not be easy…

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Looks like the easiest way to do this is to set them up with something like paypercall.com and just forward their auto attendant option for that service to that provider and let them handle it.

Thanks anyhow!