Aastra's 'Multicast Paging Application' - how to use?

I recently found out about this feature/application for Aastra phones. As I understand it - It bypasses Asterisk entirely and pages directly to the phones.

I began looking for solutions for this as an ‘all page’ tends to make soem of my systems crawl. I suppose that faster servers are a solution, but I’m looking at options.

Has anyone used this ‘Multicast Paging Application’?

Care to share a basic how-to or drop a few hints? I will be playing with this after Astricon and post my findings as well.


The only hint I have is to make sure that you have multicast setup in your Ethernet switch.

Cisco’s do not have the proper multicast settings out of the box.

If I remember all you have to do is assign the same multicast IP to every phone.

Here is a post that I helped someone with, Aastra chimed in and showed hot to setup the phone.


Please post any interesting tid bits from Astricon.

I have heard of some problems with implementing the multicast paging while here at Astricon. I guess there have been some bugs regarding proper implementation.

Still investigating…