Aastra57i connectivity issue

I have a current Orgasmatron build on a Dell SC440 with FreePBX. I have, I believe patched the system and am setting this up in a lab environment prior to deployment.

The issue. I have very simply two Aastra 57i phones connected on the same network - as the switch.

I have configured both phones to point to the server (.101) and the phones are picking up a DHCP addr of (.103) and (.105) respectively.

I have also two of the preconfigured Aastra 57i extension to the MAC addr of the phones.

The issue is that I cannot make a call between the phones. The documentation suggests that I call x1234 to test, when I do nothing happens, I call 701 or 702, the preconfigured extensions, and again nothing happens.

Any help would be appreciated.

Disclaimer - NEWB