Aastra XMl Scripts

Hi, We have been using the old Aastra xml scripts but have a problem with the DND script not updating BLF status on the 560M digital modules and also in Fop2.

From what I understand it is an issue with the XML scripts not sending updates…

Anyway… Can anyone let me know if the Commercial Aastra XML package resolves this.

Basically all we want is when a user sets there extension to DND via a programmed button using XML scripts we want our reception console ( 560M ) to update the BLF as well as FOP2 to show the extension is on DND. If we use the standard FreePBX code ( *78 ) the BLF status is updated therefore this problem only relates to Aastra XML Scripts.

Alternatively, if anyone know how to resolve this using the older XML scripts it would be appreciated.

At the moment we use the free End Point manager if it helps.


The Rest Apps do this properly.

Based on Tony’s advice above I have purchased a Commercial End Point Licence today and set it up on an Aastra 6757i handset.

The Rest apps are also all installed as well as the Rest API

Several buttons are programmed and working such as Rest DND, Follow Me & Call Fwd

When I put my phone on DND using either the Rest App or the std DND function in the list my button lights up and I get DND Enabled on the screen BUT FOP2 still does not update and neither does my 675 Digital expansion unit. It Seems that the Commercial End Point manager has the same problem as the free version with not sends updated hints.

Hopefully I have missed something as I ONLY purchased this module so that FOP2 would show DND being enabled on extensions as per my original question and Tony’s reply confirming this would work.

I stated the Rest Apps do the hint properly. I have no clue how the unsupported FOP2 listens for DND but I would assume he would watch the DND hint like every other application does.

What do you mean the 675 expansion does not light up? I am not following you on this.

What I mean by the 675 console not lighting up is we have the 675 monitoring extensions by BLF, if we enable DND via *78 on a monitored extension the BLF lights up RED on eth 675 expansion unit and show the extension is busy. If we use either the REST App function or the DND from the list the expansion console does not update and show the user is busy / DND.

This is the exact same problem with have with the free version of End Point and reading through the forums it suggests the Hints are not updating. I have also spoken to Nicolas who develops FOP2 and he confirms he monitors all Hint as expected. FOP2 also works fine if *78 is used to enable DND.

You say the Rest App does work properly… unfortunately it’s not for us. I’m not sure this isn’t an Aastra problem BUT you did say the commercial Rest App solves the problem we were having and forgetting FOP2 I would have at least thought it should work with an Aastra BLF programmed button.

The DND does not monitor FreePBX custom hints in FOP2 it looks at the ASTDB for that device.

That may be the case and I did say to ignore the FOP2 part BUT why does it not work with the expansion console… surely that’s a basic function.

It will work fine with the expansion module.

Do a ‘core show hints’ to make sure it is subscribed.

Well everyone is saying it will work… bla bla bla… but it doesn’t.

What basis do you have in saying that it will work with the expansion module and that FOP2 uses the ASTDB. Have you tried everything before “Assuming” it works as it doesn’t work on the system we have or a new vanilla system I have built today to double check everything.

What is frustrating is if you use the std Asterisk feature codes as *78 & *79 both FOP2 and the expansion console works…

What I am struggling to see is what does the commercial version of End point give me that the free one doesn’t…

Are you sure you are using the Rest API DND app and not some built in DND option in the phone.

I don’t guess. I know you are subscribed to the wrong hint, I know that the * codes use the astdb function, I know that the default action in FOP2 (it can be configured) is to get DND from AST DB.