Aastra XML Scripts Update- Need testers!

Aasttra XMl Scripts

I have spent the past few days working on pieces of the Aastra XML scripts and have published the latest RPM. I have pushed this into the and releases. This has been released as beta 4 with some changes that will hopefully fix some outstanding issues that I have seen people report and a fix for voicemail with the latest 3.2 and 3.3 firmware for Aastra phones. Please test and get back to me.

You can simply run yum update aastra-xml-scripts*.

If you are running a older version of the Distro you can always run the following command:

rpm -Uvh http://yum.freepbxdistro.org/pbx/

I’ll give it a try and keep you informed.

With aastra 57i

  • When I go in Services menu, choose an option between directory, voicemail, application (Caller list is OK) and press Exit or hangup button the light stays on.
    And when I try to come back in Services, it’s impossible. Only after few seconds, the light turns off and Services menu works again. I think there is an event from aastra-daemon that help the phone to be updated.

  • To work properly with voicemail alert on the screen, I uncommented pollmaillboxes=yes and pollfreq=30 in vm_general.inc

  • aastra-ipphone install all firmwares in /tftpboot/aastra but aastra’s phones look into /tftpboot.

i have no clue what you are stating i am lost on what you are describing


A little belated, but thanks for your rpm.

(convert to a .deb file

alien -c -g your.rpm

then some comments fromthe other world…)

I use debian not Centos so for universality the shell for setup-xml could better be /bin/bash as the debian /bin/sh is more limited.

Also the daemon scripts are Centos centric, I can provide for testing less distro-centric versions.

The init scripts could perhaps better be in /etc/init.d (a symlink to /etc/rc.d in centos, not so much in Debian.

The prerm postrm postinst also use /rc.d/init.d but /etc/init.d would be more universal

a conditional test for which web server ()httpd or apache2) would fix some differences also.

In Asterisk 10 (not 1.8 or less, go figure) I find I need in voicemail.conf


to make the lights work and sync with the lcd mail tally.

a little fix-it to not rewrite to https for Aastra user agents ( if using https) and all is sweet.

I also note a major security issue for aastra’s outside a firewall, the admin password is not changed from 22222, this could be (and in my case, has been) expensive, I have a slightly modified setup-xml script that asks for and sets the admin password also providing a semisecure but easy to remember default.

Another security addition is to add

https block http post xml: 1

to aastra.cfg


Those RPMs are for use and design of the FreePBX Distro only. At this time neither Schmooze nor Aastra will be maintaining these XMl scripts anymore due to the nature of expensive litigation they have cost all of us.

I guess you can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube, I noted my security concerns too late I also guess.

Never the less, thanks for the rpm, IWFM at least after my patches, securely, on both Centos and Debian.