Aastra XML scripts MWI on Distro - Stable-4.211.64-5

Hi everyone. I have just installed a clean system based around the distro version Stable-4.211.64-5

I have also installed the latest aastra xml scripts, so far everything seems to be working ok except the MWI indicator.

When a voicemail is left the indicator pops up straight away, but if the voicemail is deleted the indicator remains for some reason. If I reload asterisk this triggers the indicator to disappear. It also disappears if i manually dial the voicemail service on the handset and log in to hear the no messages bit.

I have tried adding the pollmailboxes = yes but this didnt seem to solve it.

Anyone know how I can solve this?



In addition to pollmailboxes being enabled, you have to set the “pollfreq” variable (in seconds) to a number small enough to live with.