Aastra XML scripts.. Losing track of phones

I know the Aastra XML stuff is kinda orphaned, so not really supported directly anymore, but it was still really nice stuff.

Does anyone know of any limitations on the number of phones it will reliable provision, or any issues with it dropping logged in phones?

I have used the scripts on a bunch of FreePBX Distro systems, and it seems to work well overall. So I go and try and setup about a 300 extension system using the same scripts.

It worked OK for getting everyone logged in and going, so then I go and try and make some changes to a prf file and update, just to find out that it says the phone doesn’t exist in the startup file. I then go back and look at the file, whoa a bunch of extensions are not in the file, was about 60, so I go and log them out and back in again to make sure everyone is in the provisioning table so it’s easy to make changes. Now I go back and look, and not only is the list not updated, but now it only has about 50 phones in it, so the majority don’t exist to the aastra scripts.

Needless to say the above issue makes it hard to make updates, so has anyone else run into this issue? If so, any resolution?