Aastra XML Scripts and whatnot

Currently, there seems to be a serious compatibility problem between FreePBX’s XML apps and the Mitel (Aasta) 6800i series phones, not least of which is the occasional reboot of the phone after monitoring a parking lot status. Do you plan to patch your XML apps to work with these new phones or would I be better off just dumping the XML from FreePBX and using Mitel’s XML apps instead?
I’m currently experiencing this problem on the only system I’ve seen where XML parking still works properly because I’ve never updated it much. Running FreePBX 12.0.9 on Asterisk 11.14.1.

FYI, rebooting phones is a MAJOR bug and this isn’t beta software. Your thoughts?

We do not have XML apps. FreePBX has a commercial module called Phone Apps which use a RestAPI backend. Years ago Aastra use to develop and maintain a set of XML apps that worked with FreePBX but they abandoned them 5 plus years ago and nobody has really touched them. We did for about a year and gave up.

Ok, Tony, I’m going to challenge you here. Do you have the ability to help a customer with a problem without listing all the things your product CAN’T do? I’ve dumped thousands of dollars into apps from the Schmoozecom store and you’re treating me like a chump. My phone reboots. Be is XML, REST, or the magical properties of certain brands of hot dogs, if you don’t tell me what I need to do to resolve this problem, I’ll assume there is no resolution and move onto a product offered by people whose first response to a customer in distress is to help them. Can you help me or am I boned?

@natelee123 … so you joined just over a month ago and have made 7 posts and each time you have antagonized the CEO and one of the highest contributors to this project using a combination of software that is clearly labeled as not for production.
Well done tiger …
The obvious solution would be 1 line of code to roll back to Asterisk 11 on FreePBX12 and play niceley with everyone else … oh well.

Well I am not sure what you issue is but how can I help you on something that is not ours. You stated Aastra XML scripts. Those are not ours or produced by us. Sorry