Aastra with Endpoint Manager and HTTPS

Can anyone tell me if Aastra / Mitel phones support provisioning under HTTPS under Endpoint Manager? None of our Aastra phones pull a config with :1443 but they all do with :83. Thanks. HTTPS work with Yealink phones and Grandstream.

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There is not native support in EPM for https, but it’s possible that you could specify a custom provisioning address using https. The last time I tested (which was more than a year ago) I was unable to provision using both https and apache credentials, I concluded with my small amt of testing that the phone didn’t support it. I don’t recall which model, prob the old legacy 67 series. Since the only real benefit to using https was to protect the credentials, I saw no benefit to using it.

Others with more current experience may have more to add.

Thank you. I had setup custom provisioning address, which makes me conclude the same thing you did, which it does not support https. The model in question is a 6867i.

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Seems like a question for Aastra at this point.

Yea, i’ve opened up a ticket with Mitel. Was just hoping in the forums infinite wisdom to have this solved one way or the other quicker. I’ll just wait til they get back to me. Thanks guys!

I reached out to Mitel and got this response which makes sense:

"Note: Certificates that are signed by providers other than those listed in Appendix F,

“Certificates Supported in This Software Release” do not verify on the phone by default. The

user can overcome this by adding the root certificate of their certificate provider to the

user-provided certificate .PEM file."

What is the best way to accomplish this for a LetsEncrypt cert?

Also, Lorne, my boss Todd Wolf said that if you ever need a Mitel / Aastra phone for any troubleshooting purposes, we can send you one.

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I have two 67s and a 68 series which I don’t touch very often so they form part of the foundation of my Pile-of-Phones™ that accumulate like dust bunnies here.

Your cert files from Certificate Management are in /etc/asterisk/keys and the default cert files are in /etc/asterisk/keys/integration/

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