Aastra Web Recovery Mode Issue

Before I start off I should say I know very well how to get an Aastra phone out of web recovery mode and download firmware onto the phone.

I’m hooking the Aastra phone up to my laptop and using Tftpd32 as my tftp server, the phone is showing a IP address for web recovery, I setup my laptop for the same gateway which allows me to get to the recovery webpage. So I point the web recovery server to my TFTP server and the firmware fails everytime.

I feel like these Aastra phones were on a VLAN or static IP because no matter what network I plug the phone into it still gets the address, has anyone else encountered this issue and possibly have a fix before I send the phones back to Aastra?

temporarily add another ip to the machine that will host the tftp session into that network, no guarantees that anything m$oft based will work, use your FreePBX box, it probably has a tftp server serving files out of /tftpboot just choose the right .st file in that directory,.

ip addr add dev eth0

for example.