Aastra speeddial/xfer

I was trying to configure a button using the new Speeddial/Xfer button type in an Aastra phone using a cfg file. After failing miserably many times I finally tried creating the button manually using the web GUI. After creating the button manually I exported the cfg file and although Aastra’s admin guide says lists many times to use “speeddial/xfer” as the type of button the export actually used “speeddialxfer” with no slash. I guess their manual is wrong in many places. I am just listing this here incase someone else falls prey to the same error in the Aastra manual. If you are trying to create this type of button you will need something similar to this code in your cfg file.

softkeyN type: speeddialxfer
softkeyN label: "Call Someone"
softkeyN value: "3032345678"
softkeyN line: 1

N = the soft key you want to use for this button

This can also be put on a prgkey by using the same setup but without the label line.

This button works really slick on a 55i. You can use this to forward a call to a cell phone using a blind transfer by just hitting the programmed button or you can hit the xfer button first then hit this programmed button to execute a consultative transfer.

I just tried the BLF/Xfer button type and it too has the same problem. The admin guide lists this button type as “BLF/Xfer” when in actuality it is “blfxfer” with no slash. I have seen similar errors in past Aastra documentation where the admin guide lists possible values for a setting that don’t match the actual possible values the phone expects.

I hope this helps anyone else trying a similar configuration.