Aastra phones resetting to factory occasionally

There are two offices, both connecting to the same hosted FreePBX virtual instance. Once a month or so a couple of the phones will go offline and when we look at it the phone appears to have been reset to factory defaults. There are 12 phones, 6 in each location. There does not seem to be a pattern as to which ones are getting reset and when. Both locations are using Comcast who has been having lots of issues in that area. They also occasionally have power issues too.

Any ideas what could be causing this?

Some background info
64 bit FreePBX system. It’s been happening since the 6 track, so I don’t think the specific version is relevant.
Aastra 57i, 6731i, and 6739i (they’ve all experienced this issue at least once at different times)
Comcast internet
Routers are freeware. Entangle.

Right now my main suspect is the Entangle router, which does not have Option 66 set in it FYI.

Just happened again. When I log into the phone I can see that most of the fields are blank in the GUI. The only difference is that the Configuration Server page is still set to FTP rather than the factory default of TFTP. Usually just plugging in the correct address, user ID, and password (and turning off the DHCP options in the Network tab) brings it right back up again. But today it’s not making any attempt to register after it downloads its files via FTP. Tried shutting off the firewall and there is no difference.

Are both of your comcast locations with static IPs and are both those static IPs whitelisted in the FreePBX system admin intrusion detection as well as trusted zones in the firewall?

Also in system admin > ftp server, make sure whatever you are using (TFTP or FTP) in endpoint manager is enabled here too.

Yes to all of those things. I found a port forwarding rule in the router that was forwarding SIP traffic to a non-existing pbx, leftover from years ago when they had an in house system. The phones were still registering and working so I’m not sure what that rule was affecting the system but since I removed it I haven’t see the issue resurface. Time will tell I guess.

So everything was fine for a while until recently when this happened again. It’s mostly set back to factory (a couple of fields are set to something funny).

Has no one had this problem with Aastra phones before?