Aastra Phones - Now have to hit DIAL after entering number

Originally, the Aastra phones would wait a couple of seconds and then dial the number entered. Now we must press DIAL. Is this a configuration change that I can alter to restore the ‘auto number entered’ dialing?

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Your “dialstrings” need to be “closed” (no ambiguity) on the phone, the call will then be completed without delay (if your asterisk outbound routes are equally “closed” )

Great thanks, what is the action required to achieve what you are suggesting.

There are two factors at work here. The first, and simple one, is a setting in the phone which determines how long the phone will wait for digits before deciding that you have finished dialing. This is default-set at 6 seconds, I believe, and works with the default dialing string, which is basically an “allow anything” string.

The second factor, which the previous writer mentions is closed dialing strings, which will dial immediately after a specified series is dialed. The one I am using for a client is as follows:


As you will note, this consists of several sections, separated by a | character. the first one allows 211, 311, 411, etc, up to 911. The second is in case someone dials 9-911. Then there are three-digit extensions in the 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800 series, then 4-digit extensions in the 1000 and 2000 groups, etc.

After that, you have 10-digit and 11-digit dialing, which require a 9 first ( you have to do it this way), then international calls, then feature codes.

To set this, log into the phone’s GUI, and go to Basic Settings - preferences. You will see these settings at the top of the page. Modify the string as appropriate for your system, and then just paste it into the space.