Aastra Phones not registering after they reboot

Having a strange problem with Aastra phones now. Server is running 2.210.62-1 with Asterisk 1.8. What is happening is when a phone reboots, the address of the server is not configured on the phones. The lines are blank for the proxy server and the registrar server. The phones are setup in the endpoint manager. The only way I have found to fix this is to manually go to the web gui on the phone and set it, or to go into the endpoint manager and delete the phone and then add it back and then when you reboot the phone again it will register. The only things that have changed since this started happening is I built an IAX2 trunk to another system and setup the second NIC on the server to be in the same subnet as the other server. Anybody have any idea of why this just started happening?

Do you have the correct settings in endpoint manager? Namely the TFTP IP.

Permissions of TFTP directory good? Should be 777 or owner asterisk or both.

You should go into phone gui, remove local config then factory reset then point it to tftp server then reboot.

The correct settings are in endpoint manager. Everything was working fine until a couple of days ago. If I reset local config and restore phone to factory and reboot, this still does not fix the issue. I have to go into endpoint manager and delete the phone and add it back. After doing that it will boot and register.

What your saying doesn’t make sense.

Does the phone obtain an IP address?

Does it have the config server IP?

Does it try to tftp the config file?

Does it get the config file (you will see the extensions settings etc.) ?

No it does not make sense to me either. The phone does get an IP address not sure how to tell if it does get the config server IP but the phone does have the extension settings. The only thing it does not get is the proxy server setting and the registrar server so the phone never registers. You can go into the endpoint manager and remove the phone and then set it back up and it will work like it is suppose too.

You need to watch the tftp logs and see if the phone is even trying to download the config file and if it can’t what error you are getting.

This sounds like some odd permissions problem. Is everything running as the Asterisk user?

After watching the logs it looks like it is trying to download the files. Here is the output

Jun 6 15:57:17 localhost in.tftpd[4887]: RRQ from filename security.tuz
Jun 6 15:57:17 localhost in.tftpd[4888]: RRQ from filename aastra.cfg
Jun 6 15:57:17 localhost in.tftpd[4889]: RRQ from filename 6731i.cfg
Jun 6 15:57:17 localhost in.tftpd[4890]: RRQ from filename 00085D376288.cfg
Jun 6 15:57:17 localhost in.tftpd[4891]: RRQ from filename aastra.lic
Jun 6 15:57:17 localhost in.tftpd[4892]: RRQ from filename 00085D376288.lic
Jun 6 15:57:18 localhost in.tftpd[4893]: RRQ from filename 6731i.st

but for some reason the Proxy Server and Registrar Server are not configured under the Line 1 settings. All other settings seem to be there name, number, authentication name, and password.

Then you need to examine




for the missing/incorrect info. The phones download these files in that order, any missing data will be recovered from the phone’s local config if available.

After looking at 00085D376288.cfg the IP is not configured in the file. I also checked many more of the config files and none of them have the IP configured. What would have made the IP disappear like this? I know when they were first configured in endpoint manager each of the phones registered and worked fine so I would assume the IP was configured. Also, what would be the easiest way to fix this?

I would expect the common stuff like that to be in aastra.cfg, but I don’t know who or what wrote that file, I assume one of the various aastra provisioning systems, there is aastar xml, the pen source one and the commercial one all available in these FreePBX milieu . Maybe delete everything in /tftpboot and start over with your preferred method?

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