Aastra phones keep going in and out of service

Hi everyone.

I’m having a systematic problem with Aastra 6731i phones dropping in and out of service. All of the phones are remote, with FreePBX in a datacenter. Most users are going out over the internet, but some are using private transport.

The phones all exhibit the same symptoms: one or more phones in each location will say “no service”, but after a few minutes, they will regain connection. Sometimes it requires a reboot of the phone to regain service. While the phones are out of service, they cannot make or receive calls. However, sometimes, a phone may drop service mid-call, but the conversation stays alive.

I’m pulling my hair out here and I’ve tried several things to solve the problem. Namely, I’ve changed extension option “Qualify” from ON to OFF. Now I’ve changed the setting to 120000. I changed the setting because I thought that all of the qualification messages may have been overloading the server. I’m still waiting to see if this change will make any difference. BTW, there are typically 6 phones/extensions on the remote systems.

Does anyone have any ideas? I’ve called Aastra, but they’re unfortunately little help, where I was actually hung up on when I asked to speak with a different support agent. Very frustrating.

I’ve also checked internal network problems, but given that this is systematic, on several systems, I don’t believe this to be the case.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

as it turns out, we had a degraded array in our san. replaced the drive, and even during the rebuild, things have been working much better. thanks bill, for the effort and keeping community efforts alive!!

2 way audio is not a problem. The problem is that the aastra phones become unregistered temporarily and then reregister.

Thanks for the help, but doesn’t apply here. This is more of a registration error.

Missing the point…network issues can cause a phone to deregister

yes, that is true. and don’t get me wrong–i appreciate the advice. but, i’ve narrowed the problem away from internal network issues, as i stated in my original post. thanks again

Sounds like a connectivity problem. Real time two way audio is typically the most difficult thing to accomplish over the Internet. If a glitch occurs on a data connection, it is easily recovered and the user perceives it as a momentary slow down. In voice, that same glitch can result as an audio dropout or even a disconnect.