Aastra phone issue

So I’m a bit lost on setting up the Aastra 6731i on FreePBX. I’m using OSS Endpoint Manager. I used it for a Polycom IP330 phone and it worked wonderfully. It downloaded the config just fine. However, the Aastra isn’t working. I specified the TFTP server and it did pull down the new firmware it found but nothing is else is configured on the phone. The screen just says “no service”. I shouldnt have to go into the web gui or the tui to set this phone up, it should have pulled the config. So what am I missing? Are their any instructions? Any help would be great. Thanks.

Update #1:

So I figured out I needed to install the aastra-xml-script deal. That kind of helped. I rebooted the phone and now instead of showing “No Service”, It’s prompting for Ext…password…authentication.

Update #2:

Not had any progress but I noticed that the phone is not reading the .cfg file but it will the aastra.cfg. Why might that be? It’s suppose to read the mac.cfg first. I also there are difference config settings on the aastra.cfg per the xml script verses FreePBX generated aastra.cfg.

Update #3:

I’m at a loss. Even if I use someone elses .cfg files from the Internet or the Aastra Admin guide sample in the appendix, I am getting either “no service” or prompted to enter Ext, password, and authentication.

You didn’t tell us much to go on.

You really screwed the pooch by installing the XML scripts. It’s one or the other but not both.

The XML scripts generate the configs on the fly, the EPM generates them when you config.

Do you have DHCP option 66 set? One thinks you do because the Aastra is picking up aastra.cfg

Don’t forget any local settings override provisioning. Make sure the phone is fully defaulted AND the local config erased.

Well this is just a test box so I can scrap it and rebuild. I will do it without the XML script. I wasnt aware you couldnt have both.
I am not using Option 66, I have the cfg server setting set on the phone itself.

Okay. Thanks for the help. I will wipe it completely and try it again.

Hey guy, that worked! Thanks for the help!