Aastra Phone App Log in

We are having an issue where when one of the end user log into their phones the phone will register, but only line 1 will be active. Lines 2 and 3 will not work until a reboot occurs.

Any suggestions on how we can resolve this, even forcing the phone to reboot once logged in will be ok, not ideal but then the client will not need to worry about rebooting on their own. I know in Phone Apps there was a bug fix for Aastra phones rebooting at login and this fixed an login issue we were having, but it still does not reboot the physical phone.

Aastra 6739i with firmware version (latest)

Phone Apps:
EPM: 13.0.99

This would be a bug in Aastra firmware as the config has all the options correct.

Do you have a suggestion on a know working firmware?

I’ll start rolling through them tomorrow and see if I can get any of them work.

I don’t have any input. Astra is not a certified partner so we have no insight or contacts with them and their devices are not officially supported with Phone Apps or EPM and it’s best effort for support.

FYI it appears rolling back to works after the 1st reboot when logging in.

user can now log in with out having to reboot every time.

Thats good. You will need to open a bug report with Aastra and hopefully they can figure out what they broke in the firmware.