Aastra Parking and Voicemail blf lights

I am having a problem with the voicemail & park blf lights on Aastra 6755i and 6757i phones. They are not lighting with the new scripts whether on firmware 2.6 or 3.2. I’m assuming this is a common problem since it is happening on multiple of my systems. Anyone have work arounds?

Are you using the FreePBX Distro. If so what version of the Distro and what version of the XML apps are you using? What version of Asterisk are you currently on.

I am running the distro,, so for asterisk. How do I tell which version of the scripts I have installed? I believe 2.3.1-1. That is what yum lists as the installed package, but I am not sure if the endpoint manager overwrites that like it does the firmware.

Did you enable the EPM for aastra phones. If so it breaks a ton of XML things.

On a couple of the systems I did, on others I haven’t so this issue is not related to that, but that does explain some other issues. Not to get distracted, but for those that I have enabled it can I uninstall and reinstall the scripts to get them back?

Delete aastra.cfg and any mac.cfg files created by EPM. Then run setup-aastra-xml. Make sure paging and parking lot are defined in FreePBX prior to running script.

I can verify that Voicemail and BLF works on the distro with Aastra software 2.6

Thank you, this does seem to have worked. Even on systems that I didn’t use the EPM, I had installed it. Odd thing is that the MWI light on the top of the phone is still not lighting and I have told the phone to explicitly subscribe with a time of 15 seconds.

Go into the VM Admin Module and enable polling.