Aastra handset - Shared Directory

We used to use the open source endpoint manager but have recently upgraded to the commercial module. We are also in the process of upgrading our handsets from the older 6755i to the new 6867i. So far everything is working fine.

When we were using the older Aastra models with the OSS endpoint we also used the Aastra XML scripts with one of the functions being the contacts.php file. This gave up the ability to have a txt file stored on the PBX which listed all our shared contacts, a soft button was configured to access it and it actually worked very well.

Now with the commercial end point we have dumped the XML scripts so have lost the feature of a shared directory, end users are not happy about this and have asked me to look into a replacement. Also, just for info, if you use one of the new handsets ( Aastra 68xx ) with OSS Endpoint and XML scripts it doesn’t work either as the search buttons no longer seem to be supported and you can not browse the various pages.

So far i can’t find an alternative, the only suggestion we came up with was to use a TAPI connector and a shared contacts folder via our Exchange email server.

Can anyone help with an alternative suggestion. I would prefer to keep the directory local to the PBX as a TAPI installation for us is a big job on all the PC’s.

Many Thanks… Rod